Sleeping in is for those “non-Diabetics”;)

So its Christmas break! Its time for adventures, movies, spending days in Pj’s, sleeping in………..hold it! More like wake up with the alarm clock, check Hunters blood sugar, give him a snack, dose or not dose him according his BG(blood sugar), then sleep in.

Having a Diabetic does not mean you are taking care of a sickly dying child(although it can if you don’t take proper care of your Diabetic child). It means taking a few more steps to do the same thing you would with any other child. Instead of handing your child a piece of cake at a birthday party, we have Hunter wash his hands, test his BG, then dose proper amount of insulin for the piece of cake and activity level….he’s good.
At first it was hard, super time consuming and seemed like a huge inconvenience to do so. But it has now become second nature to us. Like anything with a lot of practice. We have got this down. We are like a well oiled machine:)It is also not only us who have it down now. I love nothing more than hearing one of our little ones or one of Hunters good friends out of nowhere say,”Hunter you need to test your blood”. He loves it when his friends follow him to wash his hands and watch with questions while he pricks his finger and doses himself. He LOVES informing others about Diabetes.

P.S. I did not realize this until I had a Diabetic but I would like to share something with all of you. Please do not stare or make ridiculous statements about Diabetes when you see someone pricking their finger or injecting themselves. You don’t know what your talking about. Its rude! Instead ask a question. Make a nice statement! Kids remember it all!!!! They actually love someone interested in what they are doing, how they learned to do that all by themselves. How brave they are. Nothing pisses me off more then being at a restaurant giving your child an injection at the table, very discreetly might I add and hearing gasps and seeing awful face staring at you from that point and then through the rest of your meal. Its lovely.

So ask a question, learn something new, make a child happy, not embarrassed. Thank you.


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