Hilariousness Wednesday!!!!!

Can a mom catch a breakI am upstairs on the phone catching up and talking with my wonderful aunt kids are downstairs with breakfast and cartoons……all is right with the world towards the end of my lovely conversation all hell is breaking loose downstairs!!! Hunter putting kids on time out toddlers screaming……WTH is going on?!?!?! End my conversation, run downstairs, apparently the storm has passed. What happened???? So, this is the story I got:hunter was making the kids watch the History channel, kids were mad. Then sawyer was playing with one of Asher’s toys so of course he flipped out and how does this two year old seek his revenge…..proceeds to throw his sisters toys in the trash while yelling you not nice.Which lead to Hunter putting Asher on time out and everyone screaming at eachother…..seriously who are these kids and why do I find this hilarious!!!!! Hope everyone is having some excitement in their day😊I know I am!!!


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