Our little Diabetic:)

Our son, who is now seven was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on his fifth birthday. When we first got the news we were scared and nervous. That turned into anger and questioning what we did wrong. After a week in the hospital and countless classes and instructions, we were sent home to test blood sugar levels, count carbs and measure insulin. We were terrified! It took a few months to gain the confidence to take care of everything without questioning, well….everything.

Now two years later, we can look at a plate of food and know how many carbs there are and how much insulin to give. We know what to do with low and High blood sugars, and the correct protocol when the poor boy feels sick. And after all of this knowledge has been ingrained in our brains…..we are switching to a pump.

We decided on the Omnipod. It is a wireless pump and completely waterproof. So exciting! Last week we had our intro to pump class. Saturday, we had a rep come out for instructions and tomorrow, is the big day. Our little Diabetic will be on the pump, full force. He will be going from four shots a day to one every three days.


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