Sitting, returning emails, hearing a little voice…….

Holy moly, this summer has been quite the whirlwind!!!!

Sleeping in. Trying to keep three children entertained. Trying to stay cool in the sweltering heat of a Southern California Summer. Vacation with 3 children, two dogs and a husband. Recovering from our relaxing vacation( endless loads of laundry, playing catch up on everything I missed). Fall sports for two of our children are in full affect already….5 mights a week for both. Thank goodness they are at the same fields. And now, I am sitting at the computer, trying to return emails and blog a little and there is a little voice saying, ” Maaaaaaaaaaammmm, me done pooping….(kiss noise….kiss noise)….me love you so bad. you wipe my butt please?” Motherhood, never takes a break…..breather;)

Hope everyone is having a spectacular summer!!! We are! Sleeping in, being lazy… house is reflecting my laziness…very ready for two kids to be back in school and have a nice routine again….my sanity needs more structure;)..and only one child for most of the day will be a nice little daily vacation:)

Thanks for listening. Happy Thursday!